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Linking Innovation with Sustainability to Create a Circular Economy​

If we want a circular economy for plastics, we’re going to need policy solutions that unleash the innovation of America’s Change Makers.

Our scientists, engineers, technicians, and innovators – America’s Change Makers – are linking innovation with sustainability.

They’re working to solve some of the world’s toughest sustainability challenges – from reducing carbon emissions to dramatically increasing the types and amounts of plastics that can be recycled.

They’re finding new ways to make plastics lighter, stronger, more efficient, and more recyclable. They’re deploying advanced recycling technologies to recycle more of the 90% of plastics that aren’t recycled today. They’re working to create a circular economy for plastics in which plastics are reused instead of discarded.

People making sustainable change

These women and men are changing the way plastics are made, used, and remade. They’re creating materials that help drive down greenhouse gas emissions. Materials for a lower carbon, resilient infrastructure. Efficient electric vehicles, wind turbines, and solar panels. Energy saving building insulation. Clean water delivery. Less food waste.

Making sustainable change requires making sustainable public policy.

To create a circular economy for plastics, policies that encourage today’s linear economy must be replaced with policies that promote circularity. We’re working with policy makers in Congress to advance 5 Actions for Sustainable Change. To help keep plastic in our economy and out of our environment.