Circularity and Energy Efficiency

Huntsman’s Peter Huntsman discusses the intersection of circularity and sustainable infrastructure.

Did you know that your empty yogurt cup or takeout container may have a second life as a suitcase or playground slide? As our society evolves toward treating waste as a valuable resource, used plastics are making a growing contribution to sustainability. Companies and brands are increasingly giving waste another life, harnessing the power of innovation to make new products using recycled plastics, including foam insulation for more energy-efficient buildings. Not only does use of this insulating material help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, it also can help save money on our utility bills.

On this episode of Sustainably Speaking, Joshua Baca, host and American Chemistry Council’s vice president of plastics, speaks with Huntsman CEO Peter Huntsman about how manufacturers like Huntsman are leading the charge on advancing circularity and contributing to a more resilient and sustainable infrastructure.

On This Episode:

Peter Huntsman

Peter R. Huntsman serves as Chairman of the Board, President, Chief Executive Officer and a director of Huntsman. He has a served as a director since 1994 and the Chairman of the Board since 2018. He also serves on the Board’s Litigation and Public Policy Committee. Prior to his appointment as Chief Executive Officer in 2000, Mr. Huntsman served as President and Chief Operating Officer, positions to which he was first appointed in 1994.

Mr. Huntsman joined Huntsman Polypropylene Corporation as a Vice President in 1987 after working for Olympus Oil for four years, later becoming a Senior Vice President and General Manager. Mr. Huntsman has also served as Senior Vice President of Huntsman Chemical Corporation and as Senior Vice President of Huntsman Packaging Corporation, a former subsidiary of Huntsman. He currently serves as a director of Venator Materials, PLC, which separated from Huntsman in 2017.