Policy Vision, 5 Actions to Make Sustainable Change

American Chemistry Council’s Chris Jahn and Shell Polymers’ Laura Chamorro discuss efforts to reduce plastic waste by accelerating a circular economy.

On this latest episode of Sustainably Speaking, we dive into the importance of national legislation for creating a circular economy in the U.S. to prevent waste from entering the environment. From modernizing our infrastructure and enabling next generation automobiles, plastics play a critical part in a lower carbon future. But given that plastics’ national recycling rate is low, how can we move the United States toward a more sustainable, circular economy?

Host Joshua Baca is joined by Chris Jahn, president and CEO of ACC, and Laura Chamorro, general manager of polyethylene at Shell Polymers, to discuss an innovative, new legislative proposal aimed at improving sustainability efforts and our ability to prevent and recycle waste at scale.

On This Episode:

Chris Jahn, President and CEO, ACC

Chris Jahn is President and CEO of the American Chemistry Council and is responsible for driving a pro-growth, science-based public policy agenda that fosters the development of groundbreaking products to improve lives, creates jobs and economic expansion, and enhances public and environmental health and safety. Prior to assuming his role at ACC, Chris served as President and CEO of The Fertilizer Institute for six years, advocating for policies and regulations focused on enhancing security, free trade, environmental protection, worker health and safety, and farm bill and conservation programs to promote the use of fertilizer. Chris has also served as President of the National Association of Chemical Distributors, President of the Contract Services Association, and Chief of Staff to U.S. Senator Craig Johnson.

Laura Chamorro, General Manager of PE, Shell Polymers
Laura Chamorro serves as General Manager of polyethylene at Shell Polymers, where she oversees exciting developments in the polyethene industry that will shape the next generation of polymers business. In her role, Laura oversees a wide range of responsibilities, working closely with leadership to find creative solutions, figuring out how modern production technology can make processes more efficient and pushing the boundaries for how technology can enhance customer experiences.

Laura has been a member of the Shell family since 2012 and of the Shell Polymer team since 2017 and has over 15 years of experience in the polyethylene industry.