Making Sustainable Change

For a better tomorrow, we’re pushing for smarter plastic recycling solutions today.

The story of plastic is evolving. And we’re writing a new chapter.
It’s called
Making Sustainable Change.  Watch Now ↓

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Circular Economy

The old way of making things – make, use, discard – is not sustainable.  

We’re transitioning towards a more circular economy, in which plastic is reused instead of discarded. Make, use, reuse. Which helps keep plastics out of our environment and reduces our use of fossil resources. 

Reusing materials like plastic can improve sustainability and have a hugely positive impact on our environment. 

Making Sustainable Change

We’re also finding new ways to make plastic lighter, stronger, more efficient and dependable… and more recyclable.

Plus driving down greenhouse gas emissions from products and production. Circularity is not a passing fad. We’re creating innovative, sustainable solutions that lead to a cleaner, safer, healthier future.

Here’s what we’re doing…

Advanced Recycling

These technologies turn used plastics into their molecular building blocks to be remade into brand-new plastic. Again and again.

Over the past few years, ~$7 billion in advanced recycling investments have been announced. These investments could potentially divert 17 billion pounds of waste from landfill each year.

These technologies can tackle hard-to-recycle plastics – such as flexible wraps, tubes, pouches and foams – and remake them into brand new plastics. This will help us recycle more of the 90% of plastics that do not get recycled today.

Circularity is not a passing fad,
it's our future.

5 Actions for Sustainable Change

To create a circular economy, we could use some commonsense public policies. Smart public policies that support innovation and investments in infrastructure… investments that help keep plastics in our economy and out of our environment.

To get the ball rolling, we have a plan of action for Congress. We call it: 5 Actions for Sustainable Change. It’s a plan for Congress to accelerate a circular economy for plastic.

International Agreement on Plastic Pollution

Countries across the world are negotiating an agreement to end plastic pollution. We believe a well-crafted agreement would unlock innovation and global investments needed to create the infrastructure to recycle more of the world’s plastic.

Our Role

As the makers of plastic materials, we must work in collaboration with the companies that use plastic and sell products to you. 

Make more plastic from used plastic

We need to collaborate with these companies to help “design for reuse,” so you can reuse more products with less waste.  

And collaborate on “design for recycling,” so it’s easier for you to play your role in the recycling chain. 

Keeping the material in use for as long as possible 

Getting the most we can from the material while its being used 

Recovering the material to make new products 

Your Role

Your role in this evolution is simple: participate 

Learn what’s recyclable in your community.

Find out what’s recyclable in your community (and what’s not) and put it in the bin.

Help support recycling.

Look for products made with recycled plastic, which helps support recycling. 

We’re writing a new chapter in the story of plastic. It’s called “Making Sustainable Change.” Join Us! ↓