Climate Change and Plastics: What Does the Science Say?

Climate change. One of the defining concerns of our lives.
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As we look for ways to drive down greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs), it’s sensible to follow the science instead of conventional “wisdom” or ideology.

So, what does the science say about the role of plastics and GHGs? You might be surprised by what you find out.

Plastics as a Tool to Reduce GHGs

To drive down greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs), it’s sensible to base our decisions on science. Multiple researchers have compared the environmental footprint of materials such as plastics, glass, metals, and paper.

Their findings on GHGs?

“Due to reduced greenhouse gas emissions compared to alternatives over their life cycles, plastic products and packaging are playing a key role in lowering our carbon footprint and are helping combat climate change.”

Challenge Your Conventional View of Plastics

Ever wonder if conventional wisdom about plastics – such as their impact on climate change – might be wrong?

It often is.


As a nation, we’re rebuilding our aging infrastructure. We need a more resilient foundation to boost our nation’s capacity to move people, energy, goods, and water… while simultaneously driving down greenhouse gas emissions. We need a modern, sustainable infrastructure so we can build a better future.