Take Action

You can help build a new circular economy for plastic, in which plastic is reused instead of discarded. Helping keep plastic out of our environment.

Five Actions For Sustainable Change

Learn about our comprehensive national strategy to confront the most pressing challenges head on and move the United States toward a sustainable, circular economy where plastics and other materials can be reused again and again.

Policy Positions

Making sustainable change requires making sustainable public policies. To create a circular economy for plastics, policies that encourage today’s linear economy must be replaced with policies that promote circularity. We’re working with policy makers at the local, state, federal, and international levels to help keep plastic in our economy and out of our environment.

Join us and help make sustainable change.

Advocacy Resources

Want to help make sustainable change? We’re providing helpful resources to lend your hand and raise your voice on the road to circularity.


Explore science-driven research findings that examine how our industry’s innovative solutions are helping to create a more sustainable future.

Fact Sheets

America’s Plastic Makers understands the need to provide essential information in a concise, straightforward format. We have created informational resources on a variety of topics that highlight key points and critical information.