Roadmap: Advancing Sustainability and Circularity in Durable Plastic Markets

While durable plastic goods are essential to modern society and critical to future innovation, end-of-life challenges persist.

So we developed a roadmap – an action plan – to advance end-of-life and circularity solutions for plastics in durable applications.

We’re working hard toward eliminating plastic waste in the environment.

The Advancing Sustainability and Circularity in Durable Plastic Markets roadmap outlines key priorities, for the whole industry and by market sectors, to help identify and implement solutions and pathways for end-of-life sustainability and circularity.

Market Sector Approach

The plastics industry is already working in multiple sectors to implement changes that demonstrate our commitment to a circular economy. In partnership with these sectors, we can unleash plastics' potential to continue to revolutionize these markets while creating a more sustainable world for us all.


Plastics are essential to virtually every part, assembly, and system in today’s vehicles and are a critical enabler of future advances in mobility.

Building & Construction

Durable plastics make sustainable buildings possible. They improve modern buildings from floor to ceiling—and every component in between.


Consumer electronics must be elegantly designed, durable, and safe, all of which today’s durable plastics help to provide.


From waterlines and roadways to green power infrastructure, plastics keep the world moving forward.


Durable plastics make modern lifesaving medical devices possible, helping patients receive superior medical care when and where they need it.


Coordination across market sectors on some initiatives will limit redundancy and maximize impact.

Learn more about our plan to help improve the end-of-life sustainability and circularity of the durable plastic goods so critical to our lives.