5 Actions for Sustainable Change

To create a circular economy in which plastic is reused instead of discarded, we could use some commonsense public policies. Smart public policies that support innovation and investment in circularity.

Policies that help keep plastic in our economy and out of our environment.

To get the ball rolling, we have a plan of action for Congress.

A plan that leads to real solutions that lead to real results. A plan that holds everyone accountable – including America’s Plastic Makers. A plan that contributes to a healthy economy and a healthy environment.

We call it: 5 Actions for Sustainable Change. A plan for Congress to accelerate a circular economy for plastic.

The U.S. Congress can help accelerate a circular economy and bolster growing enterprises in both mechanical and advanced recycling of plastic. And Congressional action could help achieve the goal of reusing, recycling or recovering 100% of plastic packaging by 2040.

Five Actions Congress can take to accelerate a circular economy for plastic.

The 5 Actions build on each other to create a policy framework that can jumpstart a circular economy. They create the economic, environmental & regulatory balance needed to create circularity. 

Action #1

Require a 30 by ‘30 national recycled plastics standard.

Require all plastic packaging to include at least 30% recycled plastic by 2030 through a national recycled plastics standard. 

Action #2

Create a modern regulatory system to develop a circular economy for plastics.

Create a modern regulatory system that enables rapid scaling of advanced recycling while continuing to grow mechanical recycling.

Action #3

Develop national recycling standards for plastics.

Direct the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Department of Energy (DOE) to bring together the plastics value chain and municipalities to develop a national recycling framework for plastics.

Action #4

Study the impact of greenhouse gas emissions from all materials to guide informed policy.

Engage the National Academy of Sciences to conduct a study that compares the impacts of raw materials and use its findings to guide future policies.

Action #5

Establish an American-designed producer responsibility system.

Establish an American-designed producer responsibility system for packaging to help increase recycling access, collection and outreach for all materials, including plastics.

Join us to enact comprehensive solutions that will accelerate a circular economy for plastics.

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