The Roadmap to Reuse

As we chart a course to a circular economy for plastics, we could use a map. So we developed our Roadmap to Reuse.

The Roadmap outlines a set of actions that together will modernize the way we collect, recycle and reuse plastic (and other materials).

The Roadmap also identifies key stakeholders who are best positioned to help achieve our goals.

We’re working with product companies and retailers, haulers and recycling facilities, companies that buy used plastic, governments, and the broad plastic value chain.  

And of course, we’ll need all of you to pitch in and do your part to help divert used plastic from landfills and the environment. 

Our Focus Areas

The Roadmap is a detailed and sequenced work plan for how we will achieve these goals. It is a set of actions built around six core areas that together will modernize recycling.

Value Chain Engagement

More effective value-chain engagement to optimize new and existing programs

Consumer Engagement

More active consumer engagement, so Americans know what and how to recycle

Access to Recycling

Expanded access, so all Americans can recycle in their communities and away from home

Collection and Sortation Capabilities

Solving the challenge of economically collecting and sorting harder-to-recycle plastic packaging formats, such as films, pouches, foams and small formats

Recycling Capabilities

Dramatically scaling domestic capacity in both mechanical and advanced recycling

Economics and End Markets

Solving the challenges of domestic sortation and end markets for plastics, especially those formerly exported to overseas markets

We hope you’ll join us in developing a circular economy for plastics that doesn't include waste.

The Latest

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