Policy Positions

Making sustainable change requires making sustainable public policies.

Making sustainable change requires making sustainable public policies. 

To create a circular economy for plastics, policies that encourage today’s linear economy must be replaced with policies that promote circularity. We’re working with policy makers at the local, state, federal and international levels to help keep plastic in our economy and out of our environment.

Join us to help make sustainable change and build a circular economy.

5 Actions

We propose Five Actions for Sustainable Change. Five steps Congress can take to accelerate a circular economy for plastic.

Production Caps

Production caps on plastic is a bad idea that would make a tough situation worse. It’s time to focus on solving the problem of waste in our environment.

Global Treaty to End Plastic Waste

For the first time the international community has agreed to develop a legally binding treaty to end plastic in our environment. How should it work?

Advanced Recycling

Today’s recycling systems can recover some used plastic. But not anywhere near enough.

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)

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Restrictions on Plastic Products

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Plastic Pellet Containment

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Join us and help make sustainable change.