Tell Congress to Support Innovative Policies for Plastic Recycling

As America’s Plastic Makers®, we’re embracing sustainable change and a new way to make plastic.

We’re investing billions of dollars to take advantage of emerging advanced recycling technologies that turn used plastic back into its raw materials to be remade. It’s a new way of recycling that allows us to remake plastic again and again, saving natural resources and keeping plastic out of our environment.

Advanced recycling technologies:

  • Remake plastic that is hard to recycle today.
  • Can recycle more of the 90% of plastic that currently doesn’t get recycled.
  • Drive down greenhouse gas emissions and help keep plastic out of our landfills and oceans.

Advanced recycling can help us meet our goal to recycle, reuse, or recover 100% of plastic packaging in the U.S. by 2040.

But we need Congress to do its part to pave the way.

  • Congress can help modernize our outdated regulatory system to enable rapid growth of these recycling technologies.
  • Congress also can require use of recycled plastics in packaging and establish national recycling standards to make it easier for you to recycle.
  • Plus, Congress can help create better infrastructure financing systems so more and more plastic can be recycled.

Together, we can turn “single-use” into a relic of the past.

Stay in the loop and help us create a future for plastic that doesn't include waste.