The story of plastics is evolving.
And we’re writing a new chapter. It’s called Making Sustainable Change.

Combining innovation with sustainability for a lower carbon future and a circular economy for plastic.

Focus Areas

Sustainable Change for a Brighter Future

Innovation has made plastic vital to modern life. Medical grade plastic for surgeries. Personal protective equipment for ourselves and our caregivers. Lightweight plastic in our electric cars. Energy saving insulation in our homes.

Advanced Recycling

Advanced recycling harnesses the power of innovation, science and technology to remake plastics… again and again.

Circular Economy

To help keep plastic out of our environment, we need to move from a “linear” economy to a “circular” economy.

Sustainable Infrastructure

As a key part of America’s critical manufacturing capacity, plastic makers play an integral role in rebuilding our nation’s ability to move people, energy, goods and water while simultaneously driving down greenhouse gas emissions.

Policy & Advocacy

You can help build a circular economy for plastic, in which plastic is reused instead of discarded. Helping keep plastic out of our environment.  

Who We Are

Meet America's Change MakersSM

Today the story of plastic is evolving. Our scientists, engineers, technicians and innovators – America’s Change MakersSM – are linking innovation with sustainability and changing the way plastic is made, used and remade.

Meet Anna: The Strategist

Meet Anna: The Strategist

Meet Anna, circular economy market manager for NOVA Chemicals. Anna is focused on making sure that more of the plastics her company makes can be recycled. She calls it “design for recyclability.” And it's key to creating a circular economy.
Meet Ron: The Motivator

Meet Ron: The Motivator

Ron, the Vice President, Global Corporate Affairs at SEE, inspires and motivates the younger generation to embrace purpose and passion in their efforts to safeguard our food, products, lives, and the planet.
Meet Staci: The Ground Breaker

Meet Staci: The Ground Breaker

Staci, head of marketing for the consumer business, BASF Performance Materials North America, is leading the charge in developing sustainable solutions for products we all use in our everyday lives.

What We're Doing

Progress in Action

We’re helping build a circular economy for plastic. An economy in which plastic is reused instead of discarded. Keeping it in our economy and out of our environment.

We’re continuing to innovate, investing billions of dollars in next generation advanced recycling. This technology makes it possible for plastic to be made to be remade, recycled into high-quality raw materials that are reused to make new products. Again and again. Building a cleaner and more sustainable future.


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