Our Innovations

Innovation has made plastic vital to modern life. And these innovations contribute tremendously to sustainability.

Medical grade plastic for surgeries. Personal protective equipment for ourselves and our caregivers. Lightweight plastic in our electric cars. Energy saving insulation in our homes. By driving down greenhouse gas emissions. Enabling low carbon energy. Helping protect and save human lives. Delivering clean water. Helping prevent food waste.

Our Cars & Trucks

Plastic Helps Carmakers Build More Fuel Efficient, Safer Cars

Our Medical Gear

Reusable, Durable Medical Gear Helps Improve Our Well-Being… and Sustainability

Our Water Systems

As We Rebuild Our Nation’s Infrastructure, It’s Time to Upgrade to Plastic Water Pipes

Our Wind Power

Plastic Composites Help Improve the Efficiency and Durability of Wind Power

Our Homes & Buildings

Plastic Helps Drive Down Home Energy Use, Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Our Connectivity

Durable, Protective Plastic Contributes to Connectivity and Sustainability

Our Protective Packaging

A Little Bit of Plastic Can Prevent a Whole Lot of Food Waste

Our Solar Power

Plastic Helps Protect and Improves Efficiencies of Solar Panels

Our Roads & Bridges

Plastic Composites Help Us Rebuild Our Nation’s Infrastructure with Much Greater Resiliency… and Sustainability.