Circularity: Eliminating Plastic Waste

It’s time to change the way plastics are made. And remade.

While innovation has made plastic vital to modern life, plastic packaging and products too often end up in our environment, tossed in our ocean where currents carry them across the globe.

This presents a serious challenge that has some people questioning the continued utility of this essential, modern material. This serious challenge requires real solutions. 

From Linear to Circular

To help keep plastic out of our environment, we need to move from a “linear” economy to a “circular” economy. 

Today, the primary journey of many materials including plastic is linear: make, use and discard. Products made from these materials get buried, burned or lost to our environment. Not a sustainable economy. 

We need to change that journey to “make, use and remake.”

In a “circular economy” plastic is reused instead of discarded.

How we'll get there.

To achieve these goals, we’ll be working with retailers, brand owners, government, nonprofits and other stakeholders to purposefully move toward a circular economy for plastic.

Guiding Principles

We created six Guiding Principles to accelerate this movement.

Roadmap to Reuse

As we chart a course to a circular economy for plastics, we could use a map. So we developed our Roadmap to Reuse.

What We're Doing

Progress in Action

Find out how we are changing business models to embrace circularity.


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