Unlocking Savings with Efficient Pumps and Plastic Water Pipes

Thick plastic pipe

In the United States, public drinking water and wastewater systems are significant energy consumers, responsible for approximately 2% of the nation’s total energy usage. This energy consumption contributes to over 45 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions annually. Our latest study delves into the substantial benefits of optimizing pump and piping systems in these sectors. Key strategies discussed include integrating variable speed controls on pumps, updating aging infrastructure, and transitioning to plastic pipes to reduce leaks and frictional losses.

The findings reveal that by implementing these strategies, we could save 1.4 trillion gallons of water per year, reduce electricity consumption equivalent to the demand of 1.7 million homes, and cut energy costs by $2.2 billion. Additionally, the environmental benefits are equally impressive, potentially offsetting carbon emissions akin to those from 1.6 million gas-powered vehicles.

For an in-depth look at the research and detailed computations that support these figures, download our comprehensive study.