Advancements in Advanced Recycling

Innovations that can help us transition to a circular economy for plastics

There’s a lot happening in plastics recycling today. Particularly in advanced recycling.

Take a quick look at this brief video that highlights three new developments in advanced recycling…

Advanced recycling uses various technologies to turn used plastics into materials that can be made into new plastics and other products. As a complement to traditional mechanical recycling, these technologies can dramatically increase the types and amounts of plastics recycled, making huge strides in reducing plastic waste.

Billions of dollars have been invested in these new technologies over the past few years, which will help jumpstart the transition to a circular economy for plastics, in which plastics are reused instead of discarded. Keeping them in use for as long as possible… and out of our environment and ocean.

New initiatives/announcements:

  • Dow announced that it will accelerate the sale of “circular” plastics derived from advanced recycling.
  • Eastman was recognized in Fortune magazine’s “Change the World” list for their advanced recycling technologies and commitments.
  • ExxonMobil is building one of the largest advanced recycling facilities in North America.

These and other initiatives will help achieve the first of the 5 Actions for Sustainable Change that America’s Plastic Makers have called on Congress to enact: A requirement that all U.S. plastic packaging contain at least 30% recycled plastic by 2030. And these initiatives will help reach our goal of recycling, reusing, or recovering all plastic packaging in the U.S. by 2040.