A New Name for Our Shared Vision

Our goals for the future of plastic and sustainability. You can help us get there.

America’s Plastic Makers® are the leading U.S. producers of modern plastic materials used to make products that are addressing society’s greatest challenges, including the COVID-19 pandemic, the global threat of a changing climate, clean water infrastructure and investments to improve food security and development across the globe. Our materials power innovations that improve our lives by protecting our environment, lowering greenhouse gas emissions, using fewer resources and contributing to nearly every sector of our economy. In this role, we are promoting, advocating and building towards a more sustainable future for our planet while also innovating new technologies and infrastructure to reduce waste.

America’s Plastic Makers are helping to keep food fresher for longer and helping to safely and securely deliver COVID-19 vaccine, including the packaging for doses and the syringes that deliver each shot. We’re also helping to increase resiliency and sustainability by supporting green energy through component parts for renewables like solar and wind energy, lightweight parts and batteries for vehicles that can improve fuel economy and building materials like insulation and house wrap that can increase energy efficiency.

That’s why our name is evolving – From Single Use to Reuse to America’s Plastic Makers®: Making Sustainable ChangeSM. While building a circular economy for plastic is essential to reducing plastic waste—and we remain committed to the goal of ending plastic waste – our goals go beyond a circular economy. Our new name reflects a broader commitment to sustainability throughout the plastic lifecycle and to addressing some of humanity’s most difficult challenges.

Making Sustainable Change

To support our vision for a world free from plastic waste, we’ve committed to two ambitious goals for capturing, recycling, and recovering plastics in the United States:

  • 100% of plastics packaging is recyclable or recoverable by 2030.
  • 100% of plastics packaging is re-used, recycled or recovered by 2040.

These goals are challenging but critical to helping protect our environment for future generations. To get there, we’re moving towards a circular economy that can deliver on the value of plastic for society while minimizing plastic waste in the environment. We’ve outlined six Guiding Principles for our work to innovate for the future:

  • Support Policy and Legislative Efforts Benefitting the Circular Economy
  • Minimize Plastic Waste through Recycling
  • Advance the Circular Economy in the Manufacturing of Plastic Products
  • Support a National Recycling Framework
  • Support Markets for Recycled Content
  • Promote Sustainability Within the Circular Economy

Get Involved

We all have a part to play to create a sustainable, circular economy for plastic. It will require ongoing and expanded cooperation among plastic producers, manufacturers, brands and retailers, recyclers and waste haulers, as well as citizens, communities, nonprofits and policymakers. We must come together to advance the solutions and infrastructure to solve the plastic waste issue.

Our Roadmap to Reuse provides a framework and identifies the actions that will help turn the global problem of plastic waste into real-world solutions, including information on reusing and recycling plastics both at home and in your community.

Continue visiting our site to learn more about how you can work with us to end plastic waste and how sustainable plastics can help solve society’s greatest challenges. You can also hear the latest from America’s Plastic Makers by signing up for our email list or by following us on social media: