Sustainability Through an Economic Lens

“Those plastic specs we see in the ocean, those plastic bottles, they end up there because we haven't properly incentivized recycling, reuse. We haven't properly looked at design, for example, we haven't looked at the whole value chain of plastics and found ways to bring as much plastic back into the system as possible. And that has policy elements to it, but it also has design solutions in it and recycling technologies."

Join host Mia Quinn as she sits down with guest co-host Stew Harris and Martin Koehring, Global Director of Impact at Forum for the Future who will apply an economic lens to improving sustainability in our oceans.

In this episode on our ocean, Martin Koehring shares insight on how governments and businesses can work together to improve circularity and keep plastic out of our environment. 

Martin Koehring, Global Director of Impact at Forum for the Future; Former Head of World Ocean Initiative; and Senior Manager for Sustainability, Climate Change, and Natural Resources at Economist Impact 

Martin Koehring is Global Director of Impact at the international sustainability non-profit Forum for the Future. For 25 years, Forum has been working in partnership with business, governments, and civil society to accelerate transformation to a just and regenerative future. As Global Director of Impact, Martin leads Forum’s programmatic work, with a focus on ensuring and increasing its impact on the world. Before joining Forum, Martin held various leadership positions at Economist Impact, which is part of The Economist Group (publisher of The Economist newspaper). He was the Head of Economist Impact’s World Ocean Initiative, inspiring bold thinking, new partnerships, and the most effective action to build a sustainable ocean economy. He also led Economist Impact’s Sustainability, Climate Change, and Natural Resources practice in the EMEA region and was the editorial lead of the award-winning Sustainability Project.   

Mia Quinn, Senior Director, Public Affairs at American Chemistry Council  

Mia Quinn leads efforts to communicate the plastics industry’s major sustainability initiatives. She works to bring together experts to share insights in key areas of sustainability, including public policy, product design, recycling, and infrastructure.  

She is passionate about collaboration, clear communication, and engaging audiences to learn more about innovation and modern solutions for our communities and our country.  

Mia has a degree in political science from Washington University in St. Louis. She grew up in the suburbs of Denver, Colorado and is a lifelong Denver Broncos fan. She lives in Northern Virginia with her husband and two sons. 


Stew Harris, Senior Director, Global Plastics Policy at American Chemistry Council  

Stewart Harris is leading ACC’s efforts to help countries draft a workable global agreement under the U.N. negotiations to address plastics in the environment. ACC is an accredited stakeholder to the United Nations Environment Program and is advocating for a legally binding global agreement that retains the societal benefits of plastics while ending plastic waste in our environment. 

Stewart has a Master of Science Degree in Marine Estuarine and Environmental Stewardship from the University of Maryland and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology from Bucknell University. Stewart grew up in the area and spends time on the Chesapeake Bay with his wife and two boys.