Plastics Excise Tax is a Tax on Everything

"5 Actions for Sustainable Change” is a more comprehensive plan toward ending plastic waste

September 17, 2021

Congress is currently considering a new proposal to help pay for its $3.5 trillion spending bill with a new, nationwide tax of $.20 per pound on the sale of newly created plastic (i.e., plastic that has not been recycled).

The “Plastic Tax” is a tax that Americans can’t afford. Congress is calling it a tax on plastic, but it is a $120 billion tax over ten years on most everything you buy and will increase the cost of plastic materials used in consumer goods from milk and most groceries to smartphones and even electric vehicles by up to 26%. We encourage you to send a letter to your elected officials urging them to say NO to the “Plastic Tax.”

Congress also says one goal of the spending bill is to combat climate change. But, with the “Plastic Tax,” the cost of many of the very materials that are necessary to tackle climate change – wind turbines, solar panels, electric vehicles and more – will rise. Further, this tax would do nothing to create circular solutions that prevent waste from entering the environment.

This proposal doesn’t solve the plastic waste problem, but America’s Plastic Makers have a better plan that does.

At a time when the economy is still suffering and inflation is rising, imposing this “Plastic Tax” will lead to higher prices for essential products and services. And it will force manufacturers to turn to China for finished products that use plastic, to the disadvantage of American workers and consumers. It’s a tax on Americans, and it’s a gift to China.

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